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Faroe Islands new member of NTF

11 MAR 2022 16:21
At an extraordinary congress on 3 February, the Faroe Islands SS (Føroya Styrkisamband) was elected as a member of the Nordic Weightlifting Federation. NTF now consists of 6 members.
  • Skapad: 11 MAR 2022 16:21

The last time a federation was elected was in 1973 when Iceland's WF was adopted as members of the NTF. The Faroe Islands SS are associate members of the IWF but become full members of the NTF. At the extraordinary congress, it was also decided that FSS will arrange the Nordic Championships for seniors in 2024 and youth/juniors in 2026. We wish FSS welcome to the Nordic weightlifting family!

Finland will host the Nordic Championships for seniors and Iceland will host the Nordic Youth/Junior Championships in 2022.

The Congress also decided that the Nordiska Tyngdlyftningsförbundet changes its name to Nordic Weightlifting Federation with the abbreviation NWF. It feels more right to have an internationally viable name for the federation, especially when in contact with other international federations.

The minutes of the extraordinary meeting are here.

Skribent: Håkan Johansson
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