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New records

30 OKT 2020 15:15
  • Uppdaterad: 30 OKT 2020 15:15

Two Swedish lifters were listed for Nordic records at series competitions in Sweden.

Patricia Strenius, Stockholm, improved her clean & jerk record twice in class 76 kg by passing 134 and 136 kg.

The young star from Kristianstad, Joen Vikingsson-Sjöblom continued to show great form during the autumn and was noted for two new Nordic records for youth. It was 152 kg in clean & jerk and 274 kg in total in class 89 kg.

Recently, a report from NTF Secretary General Trond Kvilhaug on new Nordic records from competitions in Finland. The record lists are now up to date with these record highs.

Congratulations to the record lifters!

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