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07 AUG 2019 09:23
Please see the Nordic Record lists as per July 31, including the records & standards for Youth Girls and Boys (U17). The requirements for the Nordic Elite pin will follow very soon.
  • Skapad: 07 AUG 2019 09:23

The NTFs member federations have different approaches regarding their national records for Youths in the current weight classes. Therefore, the following has been done to establish this proposal for the Nordic Youth records:

  • The highest national record – or national standard - in each category has been selected as the Nordic record / standard. That means that the best national record holder has got a retroactive effect and is set as the current Nordic record holder.
  • The highest national record / national standard should be minimum 80% of the corresponding Nordic junior record. A few results were therefore slightly adjusted (increased by 1 or 2 kg).

Please respond if some new records are missing.

Best regards, Trond Kvilhaug

NTF General Secretary


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