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This is one of those “you need to be an expert” topics that I was talking about above.

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He said he had found an interesting difference between comments from men and from women, that men want to challenge him (“you’re an idiot”) or add to/tweak what he’s doing, while women’s comments are more of the admiring/”I like what you’re doing” sort.
I was a bit surprised to hear we’re all still playing such stiff roles, at least with this cookbook author. I wonder, has anyone noticed that in their blogging, and has it influenced what you write?

22 juli 2022 10:39 av 우리카지노


I had been meaning to discuss this on my own blog but it fits in so well with the roll everyone’s on here. Listening to NPR last week, I heard author Mark Bittman discussing comments he gets back from his newspaper column on cooking.

22 juli 2022 10:38 av 스포츠토토사이트


Too, how people word their comments can shut the discussion down tighter than a ship battening its hatches. It’s generally a place where people make statements, and statements don’t encourage more conversation. 
It’s another good place to ask questions and be interested to keep the conversation going. I do believe the blogger is responsible for stimulating ongoing conversation. That’s what people want, after all – a little more interaction and personal attention, no?

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